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Brand Moodboard
Kaleb on BMW M1000RR
Kaleb on BMW M1000RR
Erza on BMW M1000RR
Erza on BMW M1000RR
Twins Crew
Chloe on Yamaha R7
Chloe on Yamaha R7
Jeremy modeling the team shirt and hat
Ezra, Kaleb and crew on the grid waiting for start
Crew working in hot pit
Kirk making final adjustments on Kaleb's BMW
Jeff taking tire warmers off Ezra's BMW
Eric relaying information to Ezra using a branded pitboard
Crew working in paddock after crash
Autograph Posters
Full travel rig
Wrapped Stacker
Part of team in front of wrapped stacker
Friends of OrangeCat Racing in front of step and repeat

OrangeCat Racing Branding

I was tasked with creating a professional look and feel for the OrangeCat Racing team for its debut in MotoAmerica. I was required to keep the circular OrangeCat logotype but build upon it. There were many touch points for the brand across many platforms. It was very satisfying see it come together.

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